About Truck Claws

TruckClaws is an all-season traction aid, designed to help drivers get unstuck, saving on the time and expense of a towing service.  Simple to use and easy to install, TruckClaws feature a traction cleat that attaches to the drive tyre on the rear of a vehicle. The device then helps free cars stuck in mud, ice, snow and even sand.

Easy to use

The award-winning TruckClaws are the brainchild of Mike Curry, who has been drawing huge crowds at Trade Shows since 2013 with this amazing traction product.

Ease of use is what makes the TruckClaws so popular, with traction cleat easily attaching to your rear drive wheel with a customised reinforced strap and heavy-duty rachet.

Truck Claws Traction Aid for Pickups, SUV's and HGV's

Award Winning

Since making it’s debut in March 2015 in the USA, TruckClaws have won a number of prestigious awards and helped a huge number of drivers.

According to the Original Ice Road Trucks – Alex Deborgorski“Every Truck Needs a Claw”.

TruckClaws are rapidly becoming the emergency tyre traction aid of choice for, not only commercial and HGV drivers, but first first responders, sportsmen, RV owners, pickup truck and SUV drivers around the world.