TruckClaws is an all-season traction aid, designed to help drivers get unstuck, saving on the time and expense of a towing service.  Simple to use and easy to install, TruckClaws feature a traction cleat that attaches to the drive tyre on the rear of a vehicle. The device then helps free cars stuck in mud, ice, snow and even sand.

Replacement Kit
Replacement Straps & Rachets Kit
Truck Claws
TruckClaws Emergency Tyre Traction Aid
TruckClaws with 10″ Extender Bar Combo Kit
TruckClaws Commercial
TruckClaws Commercial Version
Extender Bars
Extender Bars
Military Straps
Commercial Military Grade Straps & Ratchet Kit
Replacement straps
Commercial Replacement Straps & Ratchets Kit
Single Straps
Super Single Straps Upgrade Kit